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News: Hawaiian politician calls Battlefront 2 'a Star Wars-themed online casino' Two Hawaii state representatives recently held a press conference where they spoke of their intention to investigate EA's practices when it comes to loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

The internet has helped to make online casinos quite popular with more and more people being introduced to gambling via the web each year.What you might not know is that these two gaming trends have merged, with numerous MMO casino games found online today. Blog Archives - Casino Online Rating Online slot providers delivered various fresh and engaging online casino games in January to start 2019 with a bang! Go through our selection of top 10 slots released in January 2019 and play the best and the latest online slots available!Go ahead and check them out! Top 10 Themed Online Casino Games - Paperblog Don’t laugh – playing online slots can be a great way to have a good time while also potentially making some nice money! And the best ones are themed games – games that are based on movies, TV showsSo I’ve rustled up ten of the best themed casino games available online for you to try out. US legislator calls out EA's 'predatory practices' in Star Wars Belgium's Gaming Commission today declared that loot boxes in videogames are a form of gambling, and said that it would take the matter to Europe in pursuit of a ban against them.

Cybercriminals are currently spamvertising online casino themed emails, which ultimately redirect users to a bogus casino site offering an executable download. Upon deeper examination, it appears that the download is actually adware. More details: Spamvertised URL, including affiliate ID: hxxp...

US legislator calls out EA's 'predatory practices' in Star ... US legislator calls out EA's 'predatory practices' in Star Wars Battlefront 2 By Andy Chalk 2017-11-22T03:18:03.325Z Rep. Chris Lee called the game a 'Star Wars-themed online casino.' This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino | Page 3 ... If a Casino exec reads this comment and decides to make it happen i'll be satisfied with $1000 casino cash and a week in Vegas for my idea. games + a big Casino group like Caesar's = A shitload of new folks to come to the Casino for a completely different type of gambling/gaming experience.

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Play Online casino at the Genuine American online casinos of 2018. Join today and get extra bonus $2,461 + 27 Free Spins! Facts you don't know about Star Wars - Platinum Play Casino If you are not interested in sitting through the 15 Hour movie marathon yes, it would take 15 hours to watch all the Star Wars movies in the franchise then sit back and impress your friends with some interesting “unknown” facts about this … Star Wars Battlefront II: Video Game? Gambling? Both? The release of the new Star Wars Battlefront video game has both Belgium and Hawaii questioning if the game is too close to gambling with its loot boxes. Cruise ships That Have Sadly Left Us In 2018 | AA Casino

Sexy-Themed Slot Machines. Sex sells. This is one of the universal things we always hear about products, media, and entertainment: throw a little sexual content into the mix, and you’re sure to attract plenty of attention. ... You might not expect it, but there’s also plenty of ways that online casino software developers use sex to sell ...

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